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Chest Details suggestions

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Suggestions for Chest Details:


1.  Make the left coat pocket chest details an option in lieu of using the center panel ones on clothing other than coats.  I'd love to see it as an option on the "spandex" tights, for example.

2.  Make the same but offer it on the right chest as an option.

3.  Make both chests as options, but also allow asymmetrical setup, like we do gloves.  That would allow players to select two visuals to describe their characters, like fire/ice blasters using both fire and snowflake graphics.

4.  Also offer these on the upper arm, and like suggestion #3, make it an asymmetrical setup.

5. Offer the arm versions suggested in #4 to work with either the dual chest versions of #4, or the original centered chest detail, or neither.


And lastly...

6. Offer a split-look chest detail or a double image detail for a variety of powersets that work together.  A couple of hashed-together examples:

image.png.10753b55a99ff5133c95620468a50d65.png  image.png.90d010909b7bc1e12ac53375413fe7eb.png

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20 hours ago, 0th Power said:

The only thing I would add would be option to put symbols as a back option.


I'd thought to mention that, but didn't, probably because  I was also thinking about the cape symbols at the time.  Glad you brought that up!



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