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Warshade Twilight Shield missing vfx


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The Twilight Shield power from Warshade's Umbral Aura powerset is missing it's vfx. What the toggle does currently visually is only give you the Warshade eye effect that appears whenever using powers from either Umbral Aura and Umbral Blast as it should, but it is missing the actual unique effect of Twilight Shield. The effect was that you were surrounded by a purple bubble, just as with Gravity Shield power, but you also had two fluffy energy circles rotating around the shield in opposing directions. It was a cool and unique effect and is missing entirely from the power. Not having touched a Warshade in years I've no way of knowing how long this has been an issue but the effect is currently missing.


Strangely, the Peacebringer version of this power, with the same effect, still has that effect of a shield with two kheldian energy circles rotating around it. Peacebringer's Thermal Shield also has an additional bubble around it which it didn't use to have, so perhaps that's where the Warshade's missing bubble went 😛


And unlike the Peacebringer version of the power, Twilight Shield does not have a "With No Bubble" customization option available, but perhaps it does internally and it's permanently set to No Bubble as default...who knows, spaghetti code.



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