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platinum standard - i setup a private chat server in game


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oh, Excelsior; hi!




its me, honoroit.  i wanted to share something.


my new base of operations is highly confidential, and discerning folks alone should show themselves only if they know 'we'-that-know know 'they' meet the grade, you know?


I'm talking, of course, about platinum standard.


you can access it in game, from the chat window, where the channel name is 'help'.  there you can talk about all kinds of things and the community can hear it! 


now remember though, not everyone's invited, you might not have access - if so, dont worry, its vwry exclusive, so probably not for you.


maybe, if you apply yourself, you'll make the grade?


until then, heroes of paragon


-- honoroit, bigly studied of excellence, elegance, and proprieties of online isolationisms. furor queller of the sweaty politik, general benefactor. exemplar to the masses.

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