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I had a returning member of my SG ask me the other night why "that guy" was constantly kneeling in Orobouros.Β  He was talking about Sovereign, of course.Β  I've actually never heard the reason.Β  I assume it is some kind of recruiting tactic, but maybe he's place saving his memorial spot? πŸ˜‰

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Our Leader. Like a silentΒ sentinel Kneels in oro. Ever watchful, a galactic guardian he remains an enigma. Ever humble and champion of justice he serves as a example to all.Β 

I can offer only this. Taken from his bio. I hope this helps those who were wondering.


Β Description: Β Sovereign, a preeminent supergroup in City of Heroes, is renowned for its remarkable achievements and its dedication to nurturing a welcoming and inclusive community. The group is helmed by skilled players who exhibit exceptional leadership, effectively directing their team towards the successful completion of even the most arduous missions. Sovereign's members are renowned for their exceptional skills, demonstrated by their proficiency in vanquishing formidable villains and surmounting intricate challenges. With an imposing presence in the game's community, they remain actively involved in orchestrating a variety of events and activities, fostering a genial and hospitable environment.screenshot_231124-23-07-22.thumb.jpg.80f70cb7146e0f8e6208f53624ecf652.jpg

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On 7/25/2023 at 1:17 PM, Spaghetti Betty said:

From what I understand he has his toon parked there handing SG invites to people that pass through Ouro. I can't confirm it myself, I have my own SG for my alts.

Yeah, they've offered me SG membership before, but being an infrequent player at weird hours and tending to jump toon, I declined.Β  That was before I finally gave in and made my own SG.


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