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Exterior Wall pieces

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I can't speak for everyone but I see anything with a flat side as a wall. Out side of Dividers this is what i use the most.


City Scape

Power Substation 3 & 4 - large to extra large

Power Boxes make good accents



Roman Stairs 32 & 16 - large to extra large (Also in Structures 3 and 4)

Mausoleum Bases 1 - 5



Roman Column Baes

Pillar Stand 1 & 2

Roman Pillars 1 - 3



Any of the Pedestal Basescreenshot_230804-08-58-43.thumb.jpg.f747fcbbd08741fe42098579ca013d5a.jpg



Ledge Platform Floors 1-5

Chalet Fireplace

Chalet Roof 1 & 2 (these are two sided)

Roman Bridge Foundation 1-3 - large to really damn large


Vanguard Platform Base



Praetorian Tech Mainframe 2

Any of the Steal Boxes



Bank Teller Bottom


Villain Lairs

Clock Work Platform

Clock Work Blocks 1 & 2



A lot of these require you to turn them vertically to make it a wall and a bunch of them you will have to stack and blend to get your desired look.

Dividers gives a great selection you just have to vision them into something more than what they appear.


90% of all base buildin is time and effort.


I hope this helps.



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