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Minimizing Rad defense FX effects

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Hey all.


I asked a while ago about how I would go about minimizing the FX effects for Rad defense on Melee characters. I was given an answer, thank you yet again, but I was too lazy to actually try doing that, and just put the character aside.


Now, I find myself wanting to take her out for a ride again, and so find myself needing to get this done. I really can't handle the FX effects of the Rad defenses, it gives me headaches any time I try to play her. But it's been so long I can't find the post again.


So, saying that, can anyone please show me how I can code my character to minimize those specific effects? Please?

And also, in doing this, does it only affect the character and power set I want to adjust, or do I need to worry that it will affect all my other girls?


Thanks in advance.


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I use the following - 


1. click "Menu"

2. click "Options"

3. click the tab "Graphics and Audio"

4. the sixth line from the top is "Advanced Graphics Settings".  Change that to "Enabled"

5. scroll down to the section "Advanced Graphics Settings" and change "Suppress FX When Close" to "Enabled"

6. go to the bottom left of the "Options" window and click "Apply Now"

7. go to your chat window and type "/suppressclosefxdist 99" (without the quotations) and press "Enter" on your keyboard


The number "99" represents the camera distance from your character before the FX are visible to you.  You can change that number to whatever you want from 0-max camera distance.


For reference, I found them at the links below.  Hope that helps 🙂




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Praetoria's Son

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You could design your Toon around the Power set.

Make the Rad effects Brown and take an Ice Power set and combine it with the Rad Defence.

Then you can call him the ''Nuka Cooler''

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