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Connection Issues

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First, the problem is not my internet. I played the game for 2 weeks with no issues at all. Last night the game froze during a zone change loading screen and since then Ive had a plethora of issues with the game not loading at all, or I load in after 5 minutes and have extreme lag, or i load in fine and play for a cpl hours until a random zone change starts the lag again. I would really like to solve this, but ive tried 3-4 things advised to me from other players with no help.

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The more info you can give us the more likely we can find a fix.


PC or Mac, Linux etc.

OS Version.

Wired or Wireless Connection. ( Wired is always more bandwidth and more stable )

Launcher used ( HC Launcher is preferred, and supported, the others are not )

Installation Location ( C; Games/Homecoming is preferred as windows updates will not affect it there, if in Program Files windows can affect it. )

Has your Anti-Virus, OS or Graphics Software updated recently.


The internet can never be ruled out since everyone's path to the servers may be different based on where they are, something on the hop route thru services between you and homecoming may have changed, this may not cause issues anywhere else, if you get in game, run /netgraph 1 to see if you are experiencing packet loss, /netgraph 0 to turn it off. 


Let us know what you find.

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