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Sonic Resonance has strange black squares around them.

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Thought it was an issue on my end, so I asked the Discord, and then was linked here. So I guess this is a bug.


Tried making a Corruptor in-game and selected Sonic Resonance as a powerset, but the Original Sonic Resonance graphics have these weird black squares floating around them. Likely due to the alpha channel, well, not rendering properly.

Selecting Bright or Dark Sonic Resonance handles this properly. As far as I can tell, this is only happening with Original Sonic Resonance, no other powerset to my current knowledge is doing this.





Tried /reloadgfx. Didn't work.

Exited and restarted. Didn't work.

Verified files. Didn't work.

Don't have any mods, outside of VidiotMaps.

Linked here is my current graphical settings for City of Heroes: https://i.imgur.com/kQ6fSjK.png

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