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Symphony-please educate tell me about it

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I'm coming back to the game and there's so many new powers and such. Symphony caught my eye and I'm intrigued. Gave it a little test and found it interesting (some of the sounds remind me of Bloodborne which isn't a bad thing). I wish I could combine it with illusion which was always a favorite and they just seem like they belong together. Is it good? bad? quirky? Amazing until level 50?

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a good resource is here: https://cod.uberguy.net/html/powerset.html?pset=controller_control.symphony_control&at=controller


symphony is a damagey set.  youll find a few build threads in the dominator forums (one on symphony/fire id agree with, but prefer symphony/dark)


on controller, lets get secondary put of the way.


symphony is cone heavy, meaning youll want to be 30-40feet ft your targets most of the time.


cold dom would work well.

as would storm summoning.


electric affinity / dark affinity are always good choices.


symphony has a good disorient cone, which tocks for a great deal of damage.


it has a cone fear that damages, a sleep cone that (importantly) also does damage down debuff.


its single target confuse deals damage, and can be swapped in as an attack power in a single target chain.


its aoe hold is mothing special, and can be skipped. it, like the others has an obscene  base cooldown.


standout also in symphony os its pet.  it echoes symphony skills you do, on a delay of a few seconds.  it will elect its own targets for this.  so it ends up overlapping your fear, sleep, hold, disorient and confuse effects.


it, like other pets, can get stuck on walls or not keep up at times, but its tolerable.


personally, i like symphony on dominator - as the damage there is quite high when matched with very solid control.



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Thank you! I usually get hung up on the thematic reason for powers to go together, but I suppose I should follow the MST3K motto and just relax because it's a game. What about symphony/sonic just to make it tidy?

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1 hour ago, BronzeElephant said:



/Sonic will be quite capable on teams.


For solo work, you'll have mez protection, which is nice. However, a huge swathe of your toolkit is useless solo. Of special note is your biggest -res debuff (Disruption Field), which can be nice on Controllers with a melee pet. No melee pet here. Theme is king if you really prefer it! It is not a very optimal pairing unless you are teaming most of the time.




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