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Dark/Time - easy breezy proccy squeezy


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Hello Controllers!


@Darkir posted a damage oriented Dark/time a good while back, which served as inspiration for my original iteration of this character, which has been sitting at 50 for a long time gathering dust.


With the new ability to save a power by skipping the secondary T1, and new perspectives otherwise, I thought I'd revisit this guy and bring him back to life.


I'm very pleased with the results! A lot of this is of course on the strength of Farsight+PB = your accuracy and defense problems are sorted with no set bonuses needed. At that point, just build for perma Chrono shift and squeeze in procs where they make the most sense. 


This current version has a few strengths:

  • Excellent ST damage, as both holds are proc bombed to the gills, and you have Arcane bolt to round it out. 
  • Near defense softcap to ranged (42.35 will do fine given the -tohit we're throwing around).
  • I managed to fit 85% slow resist as well. This is huge QoL against certain opponents, and will mostly preserve your hasten/Chrono shift cycle even when debuffed.
  • Rune is here to help you out of mez land or as a resist steroid when needed.


Where it falls short:

  • Aoe damage. I didn't pick an epic aoe. It's actually serviceable with the bombed HoD and Fearsome, along with a trickle from Living Shadows, but I'm not wiping +4 spawns in one rotation here outside of judgements.
  • Resists? They're actually pretty okay, especially when rune is up.
  • That last little bit of ranged softcap, I guess. I don't care enough to steal slots from more beneficial places though, given the above referenced abundance of -tohit. Even better - the -tohit will be in my alpha (Fearsome).


Honestly I struggle to really identify a solid weakness, especially given the amount of proc damage jammed in here. End consumption is decent as well, with extra juice from cs and conserve power too. 


Anticipated playstyle:

  • Open with Fearsome, Pop in for a HoD bomb, slowed response, back out for living shadows. Start burning big targets with my holds and arcane. Reapply these as up.
  • If it's a tougher fight, keep Dfield up, summon haunts as well.
  • Shadow field in reserve for emergencies.


Mostly I'm just super happy with how this worked out and wanted to share! However, if you see any optimizations for further damage without sacrificing perma CS and my slow resist, I'd love to hear. Room for FFback in Arcane might be neat, but not all that impactful given total recharge I think.

Controller (Darkness Control - Time Manipulation) mk2.mbd








Went ahead and respecced - wow! I take back the low aoe comment. I ran a +4X8 Asteroid farm and everything was absolutely melting. Granted, the pets don't last long in that heat, but that's okay.  The ST chain is perfect! There's just enough gap in the chain to make Arcane a meaningful addition, especially with Arcane Power up. If I have containment and arcane power, I'm hitting three ~350 damage attacks back to back cycling. This wins my personal award for most improved character upon respec, at least for builds I actually approached thoughtfully in their first form.

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