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Stealth Enh. Suppression - Blinding Powder - Coercive Persuasion


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Discovered this weird effect while playing on my Dark/Ninja blaster. I'm not sure if this is intended or not, but it doesn't work like this in other confuse powers in my experience.


Slotting the Coercive Persuasion: Contagious Confusion proc has a high chance to suppress a stealth enhancement's effect while slotted in Blinding Powder from Ninja Training. This is despite the "will not alert enemies" flag for the proc and power. Stealth from Shinobi or Super Speed did not suppress when testing. The suppression only seems to occur when either the confusion is not applied or is too low mag to confuse AND the Contagious proc hits. The AoE effect of the proc does not seem to matter.


On a non-boss single target, you have a 50% chance of the stealth being suppressed. For groups, it's almost a guarantee. With the short range of the cone, mobs will see through Shinobi's stealth and attack meaning you can't use Blinding Powder preemptively and still retain "will not alert enemies".


Double-check testing on my dominator showed that the confuse proc did not have the suppression effect from Mind Control's confuse powers (hitting a boss mag 3, it becoming contagious).


Below are some testing situations on my blaster that cover most of the bases. Each of these screen shots was taken around 2 seconds from using Blinding Powder, within the time of stealth suppression:

  • 35.5% stealth is from Shinobi and 30% from stealth
  • Stealth IO was slotted in sprint
  • Shinobi was the other stacking stealth power
  • Attuned Celerity was used for all testing (some testing not shown was done with level 15 Celerity and Unbounded leap)
  • Some testing was also done on level 54 mobs, same behaviors were seen
  • Other toggles were travel / leadership / non-aggro


.0.1 - Slotting




1. Minion in group - Sleep, Contagious - Suppressed




2. Minion in group - Sleep, Confuse, Contagious - No suppression (even with contagion spread)




3. Minion in group - Sleep, Confuse - No suppression




4. Boss in group - Sleep, Confuse - No suppression




5. Boss alone - Sleep, Confuse, Contagious - Suppression




6. Group w/ Contagious Confusion - Suppression




7. Group w/out Contagious Confusion - No Suppression




8. Mass confusion w/ Contagious Confusion (Super Speed and Stealth IO in sprint)







I did some other testing but these pretty much sum it up.



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