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Post Halloween Tales

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So what's the weirdest thing you ever got trick or treating?


I'll Start

When I was 11 or 12 it had just gotten dark and my friends had to go home (cause that's how it was then)

I decided to continue my Trick or treat journey alone (bad idea, don't try this at home kids)

We lived in the suburbs at the time and it wasn't dangerous as far as we knew (this was pre-internet, yes I'm old get over it)

I was doing well, trying to hit houses that were normally outside of the planned range. (yup we had plans, maps and change of costumes ha ha)

I was never a "trick" kid, I never did toilet paper or eggs. If you had no candy I moved on (far more efficient that way)

So I ring the bell at this off-white house and a Mom opens the door and says she's out of candy. (it happens)

I say that's ok. Happy Halloween! As I turn to go, she calls out to me as I reach the sidewalk.

I look back and she waves me over. So I head back feeling a little anxious because this is not normal ToT etiquette.

She looks me square in the eyes and says I don't have candy but I do have..... 

And she puts an entire gallon of milk in my pillowcase. (yes pillowcase, they are large and extremely durable)

So I thank her and continue my journey. At 1st I'm very excited. I had never gotten something like this before.

I honestly didn't know how to react. However my excitement soon turned to annoyance.

Being so young there was only so far I could lug a gallon of milk. 

As the night wore on I became exhausted.

By the time I finished the off-white houses block I began my return journey

Having no idea what to do with an entire gallon of milk I simply left it on her porch too embarrassed to ring the bell.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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Its easy to criticize a suggestion but can you suggest an alternative?

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My Halloween experiences as a kid were a little more rural. Usually the teens along the county road would fell trees if they wanted to play pranks and someone would have to stop and clear them. Which usually took about 10 minutes on Halloween since everyone was out driving up and down the road from house to house anyway. Messing with people's homes generally wasn't a good idea. Everyone has dogs out in the country. As far as candy goes I don't remember anything standing out as weird. There was this one old lady who liked to give out little jars of homemade jams and preserves. There were certain things I didn't like to get such as neko wafers or popcorn balls. Who honestly likes those?


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