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How to remove a sound?


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So, I have a Blaster who uses Devices.  One of the core powers (which I'm led to believe is a critical one) is Field Operative.  It adds Defense, Regeneration and Recovery, and makes the character stealthy.  However, it makes a constant droning sound that is legitimately hurting my head.  I'm at the point, I'm playing the characters with the speakers turned off, and I'm considering dropping it for Stealth (which provides more Defense, but costs endurance).


Someone in chat said that there may be a way to remove the sound... can anyone tell me how I go about it?


As an alternative, perhaps someone in development could let me know if there's any plan to make a "mininmal fx" version of the power?



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A quick search did not yield anything for Field Operative and it appears that Beta is currently down si I can't go on to check. But like Symphonic Control, Devices may borrow sfx files from other powersets. The closest my quick search through my files resulted in was SOUND\OGG\POWERS\GLOW8_LOOP which is used by the Bane Spider's Cloaking Device.


If you've never modified any of your sfx files before there are just a couple of extra steps you need to take first.

Go to you CoH install folder and create a folder called 'data'.

Within the 'data' folder, create a folder called 'sound'.

Within the 'sound' folder create a folder called 'ogg'.

Within the 'ogg' folder create a folder called 'powers'.


Now, in the link @Luminara provided above, you will find a silence_bloop_test.zip file you can download. Drop a copy of the silence.ogg file into the 'powers' folder and rename the file 'glow8_loop.ogg'. Now launch CoH and test. If you no longer hear the sounds that annoyed you, Conga ratz!


Some powers may be troublesome as they may contain more than one sfx, though one is usually a trigger/activation sfx and the other may be a loop. These can be a pita to track down and that's why I use the bloop.ogg file as it's easier to id than silence.


Good luck.  :)


Dislike certain sounds? Silence/Modify specific sounds. Looking for modified whole powerset sfx?

Check out Michiyo's modder or Solerverse's thread.  Got a punny character? You should share it.

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