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Sonic Siphon an autohit?


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I'm looking at the hit rolls and I see nothing for Sonic Siphon. Literally nothing as it doesn't show on a Hit Rolls Only tab at all. However, when I switch to Combat view, I do see that it's doing something, but again, no hit roll. I just gives a flat statement that says, "your sonic siphon has reduced XXXXX's resistances" and that's it. Since it does take Accuracy enhancements and has an accuracy measurement in the power description, why aren't there hit rolls?

sonic siphon.jpg

sonic siphon2.jpg

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I believe it's sort of common for debuffs to now show combat log messages. I could be wrong though, but I think the messages are generated on the targets who get hit by the debuff, but not necessarily show up for the debuffer. Someday it might be worth a pass to add messages to all of these attacks that have hit rolls, but it would be a bit of work.

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