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Hearts of Darkness 2nd Arc Mission Ignores Difficulty Settings


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I'm doing the Crosscut trial in the 2nd arc of the Hearts of Darkness. After getting my head handed to me by the mother-daughter pair of lieutenant strength bosses, I went out and leveled up. After getting my head handed to me again by the initial pair of lieutenant strength bosses, I adjusted the mission level to -1. Even after logging off and waiting for a while, the snakes on that mission are all still conning yellow as lieutenant strength bosses. With the mission accepted at level 10 and the difficulty set at -1, those lieutenant strength bosses should have a max level of 10. (Mission difficulty is reduced to level 9 for the difficulty setting, mobs are limited to +1 to mission level except in specific missions [Council or Nemesis from what I have seen so far will have higher level mobs than the mission states on some missions], and 9+1 is 10. And yes, the mission is showing at level 9 right now.) They are not level 10. They are still the same level 11 pairings despite the difficulty adjustment.

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