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city of heroes homecoming there is a problem detected in the game database please post a bug report on the forums


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" Account Superossi is not allowed on this server. reason: The servers are undergoing stability testing before being opened to players. "  cuold you transfer this into a poem




In the realm of servers, a tale unfolds,
Of an account named Superossi, we're told.
Forbidden it stands, a digital decree,
Whispering winds speak of a mystery.


"O Superossi, thy entry denied,
In this server domain, thou can't abide."
Stability testing, a rigorous quest,
Before players venture, they must rest.


Servers in silence, a ballet of code,
A symphony played on a digital road.
Superossi, a wanderer unwelcome,
In the server's embrace, forbidden succumb.


Reasons unveiled, like shadows they dance,
Through lines of code, a restrictive trance.
The testing of stability, a solemn affair,
Players await with a longing stare.


Oh, Superossi, in this poetic decree,
Your presence awaits, just wait and see.
For servers will open, like petals unfold,
And into their realms, you'll be extolled.

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tribut to chatgpt
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