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Is Praetorian Vanessa DeVore in Praetor Tilman's body?

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Visually, her appearance seems to hint at this. The hair color and style are very similar to Sister Psyche. And unlike the other Carnival of Light, Vanessa's outfit's highlight colors are blue-green or teal, like Psyche's.


Lore-wise, Mother Mayhem's story arc souvenir hints at "some sort of history" between the two, which leads to Mother being so eager to attack Vanessa that your character finds her attitude "concerning".


Also regarding the lore, Giovanna Scaldi is strangely absent from any descriptions of Praetorian Vanessa, despite how large a part she plays in Primal Vanessa's story.


So... is it possible that the "unstable psychic" Praetor Tilman was treating the day of her "freak accident" was Vanessa? And the reason that Tilman needed Aurora's body was because Vanessa took over hers? And maybe Vanessa's mask doesn't have Giovanna in it because it's main purpose was just to hide Praetor Tilman's face?

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Well according to the Underground Trial Vanessa moves her consciousness into the mask when she dies which suggests that the mask was created to serve as a repository for souls in the same manner as the Primal version of the mask. It's possible that Vanessa had just done that as a emergency measure but I think it's more likely that Giovanna's identity also exists within the mask.

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