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5v5 event! No team needed! Big prizes! Limit 2 of each AT. 6:30 Est. Sun, July 7

CR Banana Man

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Global(s): @Bizarre

Known aliases:Biz, "bye forever!"

PvP builds:


Sonic/Bio Sentinel:Cthulhu (fully IO'd)

Psi/plant Blaster: Aloha (IO'd, not fully acco'd...)

Dark/fire Dominator: Bye Forever (banned :c )

Nature/dark Defender: Shroom (fully IO'd)


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Global(s): @Spinezor

Known aliases: Freezerburn, Spinezor

PvP builds: Ice/Regen Sentinel

                Psy/Nrg Blaster

                Poison/Ice Defender

                Spinez/Nin Stalker

(Too Many to list)

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@Teh Artic  @Teh Artic 2



Ice/Plant Blaster  ( fully IOed and Accloaded )

Ice/Poison Corr    ( fully IOed and missing only 2 accolades trying to get them by sunday )

Dark/ Ta Blaster  ( Not IOed but might be before tourney, fully Accloaded )



willing to captain with a buddy


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Thanks for signing up. I’m going to keep signups open until like 15 minutes before the draft probably, but at this point signups are subject to closing at my discretion, so please sign up ASAP if you still plan on attending.


Participants should be in the PvP discord at the start time - the faster we get an idea of how many people we actually have, the faster we can start drafting. The draft will be serpentine, and the format will be round robin. Captains will be filled on on lineup picking before we draft, but it’s basically pick/ban style (like in MOBAs) but without the bans. Each round robin round will have a map assigned to it, and you will know the map before picking lineups.


Map pool:

Tech lab









As discussed a few times in discord, the defender version of the single target poison hold (paralytic poison) will be banned. This power is bugged and doing double the intended hold duration, and in combination with powers from poison (weaken) becomes very easily exploitable. Corruptor and controller versions are working as intended, and will be allowed.

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General kno, HP, vinnie, march, bizzare, and killa instinct will receive 1000 merits each for first place.

Spec, avid, tanize, and bangbangdoof will receive 500 merits each for second place.

Tempty and Macskull will each receive 400 merits for winning the raffles.

And, since I can't win my prize, I raffled that too, and Fire Wire gets my 500 merits.


Thanks to everyone for coming out, seems like people enjoyed themselves and most of the games were pretty close and engaging. I know some people on the team I ended up on stepped up in some pretty major ways in some of those matches, and I think that was the story across the board (exception being xhiggy and unholy's team... get bodied LmAAAAAAAAAAA_______0).


GGs, let's look forward to future events.

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