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Just now, Veelectric Boogaloo said:

No room for both. I ended up going with flash and threw the damage proc in there. will just rely on my ranged defense and the -to hit for whichever enemies aggro from it in glowie situations.


The support player in me has a heart attack seeing this, but I can get why a Blaster would go for moar damage!  😉


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19 hours ago, zohawn said:

What should I pick for alpha slot for the archery/ta build?

Musculature would generally be ideal IMO. More damage as a Blaster is awesome. That being said, it will depend on your specific build. If you need more recharge then Agility is excellent. But if you use a lot of procs, Agility could devastate your chance of those firing off because of the additional recharge in each power.

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