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GTX 1060 Problems

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Okay, so I'm not that versed when it comes to Nvidia settings. For the most part, CoH runs fine at a fairly steady 60FPS with the GTX 1060 on its default settings, that is until I do a Rikti Raid, and then it's slide show city. I've noticed that my wife's GTX 970 actually runs better during Rikti Raids.


What settings should I be looking at in the Nvidia Control Panel? Is there anything in game I should be looking at without the answer simply being "drop from Ultra Settings".


Any thoughts or advice on where to start tinkering would be greatly appreciated.

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Despite the numbering the 970, while older, is an overall better rated card than the 1060.  It's CUDA core count is higher than the 1060.  Per Specs Dictionary this equates to more raw processing power.  As CoH is probably not using all the memory on the card nor the newer features and resolutions of the 1060 that power is probably equating to better performance when there is a lot on the screen.


There are also multiple versions of each card and some versions of the 970 have better overall specs than some 1060s per the GPU database.  She might have a top end 970 while you run a low end 1060.

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Is there anything in game I should be looking at without the answer simply being "drop from Ultra Settings".

Nope that's pretty much it. Dump all quality settings go to performance, turn off every kind of graphical effect you can function without, etc. That sort of raid is a massive hit to everyone's systems. People COULD be wearing "Hammi Jammies" i.e. plain monocolor tights with no capes or auras to help minimize the graphic load but they're not bothering. Even that would only be a help. There's no magic bullet to fix this - it's just a massive event.

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Thanks all.


There was someone in game saying they're running a 1060 as well and getting a perfect 60FPS during Rikti Raids while on Ultra. Just thought I'd ask here to see if there was some trick to it. Seems they were probably just lying to me.

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First thing to try and change, in my opinion, is FSAA, or Full Screen Anti-Aliasing.  Turn that down to 2x or off and see if that helps.  It reduces greatly the number of pixels being drawn by the card without killing off other effects.


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1: What resolution?

2: What level of anti-aliasing?  Note: At higher resolutions, FSAA becomes LESS important.



And yes, in many cases, the 970 will equal or exceed the 1060.

If you look through the specs in this comparison you'll see why.


More memory bandwidth from a wider memory bus.

More rendering units.

More texture mapping units.



NVIDIA general numbering scheme.

*30: Entry-level barebones gaming.

*40: Mid-range barebones gaming.

*50: High-end barebones gaming.

*60: Entry-level "enthusiast" gaming.

*70: Mid-range "enthusiast" gaming.

*80: High-end "enthusiast" gaming.

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