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Anne Marie Passing of a Queen

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Today I learned that Anne Marie passed. A fellow Guardian, a fellow Slacker, and a true warrior. 


Raven Evermoon fought her last fight, a courageous person that always could make me smile. One of the founding members of the Slackers during Live and a good friend. Long after the game went dark Raven stayed a friend and she always had a way of making the darkest day seem  as bright as the sun with encouraging words while I was battling cancer. 


You will be missed deeply.

Hail to the queen. 





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/em holdtorch


This is the forum I find so important, but I hate it when there's a new entry.


I saw Sovereign and several others holding torches in Excelsior's Oroboros today.  With one of them I noted a comment on Anne Marie.

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I am saddened to hear about Anne's passing.  I didn't know her well, but had the pleasure of teaming with her many a time over the last few years on various TFs.  She was among the select few I kept on my global friends list and I always admired her cleverly named characters.  She was helpful, knowledgeable and fun to be around.  I know she had a large group of friends here who I am sure will miss her deeply.


Sincerest condolences to her friends and loved ones on her passing.

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