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The Relics of Zan'Kulu (ID: 63100)

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Nice quick arc, wherein the Sky Raiders take some evil magical stuff, and the hero takes it back, Well written but not a lot of text. There's a few itty-bitty spelling errors, and mission 2 would have been better without the defeat all requirement. As far as first efforts go it's not bad at all.

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I didn't even mind the defeat-all, it didn't feel like a chore or anything.

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Clave's Sure-Fire Secrets to Enjoying City Of Heroes
Ignore those farming chores, skip your market homework, play any power sets that you want, and ignore anyone who says otherwise.
This game isn't hard work, it's easy!
Go have fun!
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Overall, a fun arc that doesn't overstay it's welcome.  The second mission seems fine as a Defeat All since it's a small map.  If there would be a problem, it would be that you're fighting Sky Raiders who have teleports and a runner could hide in a weird place.  There's some typos but it's generally not egregious.  On that:



Mission 1 intro
We were loading and shipping relics from a ancient site in southern america to the United Kingdom when said ship got attacked en route at sea. Given the nature of the attack and what has been messaged to us, its likely that the Sky Raiders are responsible for the raid.


-I'm assuming you mean South America.  Using "southern America" makes it sound the southern United States, which wouldn't be impossible but didn't sound right due to context clues.


Mission 1 clue
"A brief word of one of the shipment you rescued"


-I'm assuming the clue title should be "A brief word from one of the crew you rescued" since the first mission is saving crew members as opposed to retrieving the artifacts.


Mission 1 clue (2)
No further information has the clipboard, however the PDA is still active and receiving a signal.


-Should this be "No further information is on the clipboard"?


Mission 2 intro
We got all the information we needed from the PDA you got us and tracked the signal to a hidden storage at a remote island near the cuban coast. Our initial recon shows considerably Sky Raider presence and it is possible they are preparing to offload the relics somewhere else. Can't allow that.


-Similar to South America, "Cuban" should be capitalized.


Mission 2 navigation text
Check the First Crate, Check the Second Crate, Check the Third Crate, Defeat Sgt. Tanner, Clear out of the Warehouse


-You list out the crates individually but if you make the Navigation text the same, it'll combine them (such as "3 Crates to Check").  Not required but it can be useful since it isn't strictly a linear map and a player might pick up the crates out of order.


Mission 2 clue (Staff of Levin)
Surprisingly volatile for a inert relic. The Sky Raiders might have activated by chance, good thing you got it out of their hands.


-Probably should be "The Sky Raiders might have activated it by chance"


Mission 2 clue 
Seems a very interested buyer was able to get their hands on the Mask of Inferno before the rest of the relic were even unpacked from the raid on the ship, having paid quite a sum.


-relic should be plural


Mission 3 intro
We have restricted access to it once we there was a attempt of theft at the place, so we can guess it was him who tried to get the hands on the mask.


-I'm assuming this should be "We have restricted access to it once we heard there was a attempt of theft at the place".  It seems like a word is missing.


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