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June Costume Contest: Pop Culture - Winners!

GM Miss

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Hey everyone! First off I want to say thank you to everyone that showed up on Saturday to our Pop Culture Costume Contest to hang out with us in Kallisti Wharf. We had a great time and you guys made your shards proud - showing up looking fresh and hilarious.  I'd like to announce the winners for each server as well as our overall costume contest winner!


Runners up:

Winner for Torchbearer: Jinni

Winner for Everlasting: Xenomorpheus

Winner for Indomitable: Krat0s

Winner for Reunion: Chipmunk Chick



Winner for Excelsior and our overall Memorial day Homecoming Costume Contest: Lord Skeletorn




Here is a link to the other images we took on the day across all the servers! https://imgur.com/a/6HfmwxW


*If you were a runner up and haven't received your prizes yet - don't worry, you will get them - we promise!


Please take some time to congratulate the winners and if you have images from the event - please post them here with the name of the server they came from!


If you missed our fun - stay tuned for more events just like this one (and more) on our discord: https://discord.gg/X4fWUDV

Contact me on Discord (Miss#1337) for a faster response!


Want more information on lore pets?


Want to get involved in our weekly discussions on discord or the forums?

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Not my screenshots (one of the Tyraels took them) but Gayzo won't let me grab my copy without premium as I didn't save it and took too many screenshots with Gyazo since then. (I did use Gayzo to crop them down to post here though). Server is Everlasting.





A pair of Tyraels and an Imperius from Diablo, a Night Elf from the Warcraft franchise and my own character: The additional plyon, a robotic High Templar from the Starcraft franchise.


Together we are the Heroes of the Storm!

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It was cool seeing everyone's unique solutions and takes on different characters from media. I think I was the only bumblebee? made me sort of proud being something so notable yet somehow with no dupes. Everyone on everlasting was a blast to socialize with, I look forward to the next event. I'm just sad the demon guy didn't get a chance to shine, I was really rooting for him.

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