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Lore Pets and Durability?


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I know there are some different damage numbers and such for the different types of Lore pets, but does anyone have a link that explains where they compare in terms of things like defense and resistances?  Are there any that generally do better at the ol'facetank than others?

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Lore pets for face-tanking?  Not really.

My advice is to get one of the buffers that casts Fortitude.  That's huge on any character.


My scrapper does a lot of damage so I hold aggro off the pets.  If you're worried about them dying too fast, you can get a pet that can't be damaged but has no attacks - all it does is buff.

Originally on Infinity.  I have Ironblade on every shard.  -  My only AE arc:  The Origin of Mark IV  (ID 48002)

Link to the story of Toggle Man, since I keep having to track down my original post.

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