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Sheepishly, I don't know which server I was on...


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I see all these people calling out to their main servers from the old times, but I can't seem to remember mine.  I blame it partly on the depression that came with the loss of the servers.


My handle was @Bludd Quartz.  I think I was on Pinnacle, but I just can't remember.  I wasn't always on, as my time was split between heroes, jedi, and bullish druids.


Aside from my handle, I had a villain named Napthun, and those were the only ones I had above 20.


Does anyone remember me?

Are you a Wolf, a Sheep, or a Hound?

They called me crazy? They called me insane? THEY CALLED ME LOONEY!! and boy, were they right.
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I had many if you know me message me in PM. would love to catch up with those i lost contact with!




Proconsul Kerr --50---- Ice Melee / Fire armor Tanker (Issue 2-3 super tanker)  super Hammi-Oed

BrmstoneBalista -50---Fire melee / Stone armor Tanker

Evil Nurse---------50---  Empath / Electric Defender      Super Hammi-Oed

Darth Small -------45----- Kinetic / Dark miasma Defender

ShadowMang ------30's--- Energy / Devices Blaster

TFC Engineer ------40's--- AR / Devices Blaster

Wraith -------------30's---- Ill / Kin Controller

Tripple Penetration --16--- Spines / Dark scrapper (got Generic'ed)




Bambulance ------50--- Energy Melee / Stone Brute

Jack McGillacutty --35-- AR / Kin Corruptor

WereBully          ---50--- Spines / Regen "Scralker"


Several more i forget but that was my mains I played


Was a member of C.O.R.E. Supergroup

Later joined

BSC Supergroup


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