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Cloak of Fear Questions


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1.)  My version of Pines lists Cloak of Fear as Mag 2 for Tanks.  The wiki lists it as mag 3 for Brutes (and does not list a value for Tanks).  Which is correct?


2.)  If given fear enhancement duration, will Cloak of Fear stack with itself on a target, allowing it to fear bosses?


3.)  What is the practical in-the-field reporting on the value of Fear?  My assumption is that if there is a lot of AOE flying around, it would not provide much mitigation (other than the -ACC debuff), as the foes would regularly be attacked and thus able to counterattack.

Great Justice - Invuln/Energy Melee Tank

Ann Atomic - Radiation/Super Strength Tank

Elecutrix - Electric Blast/Super Reflexes Sentinel

Ramayael - Titan Weapons/Bio Scrapper

C'len - Spines/Bio Brute

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