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The homecoming of Sandolphan's MM Numpad binds!


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From the 'By Name' section in my original guide:

Change MinionA, MinionB, MinionC, LieutenantA, LieutenantB to your names.
Keep pet names under six characters long in the /bind (you can use any unique portion of the name)
These binds use the divide, multiply, subtract, add, and numpadEnter keys to select individual pets by name.
After selecting the pet, the 4-5-6 and 7-8-9 keys for command and stance work for them, until you select a new pet/group.

Once you have the /bind with your names substituted (and keys changed if you like), copy and paste it into the game chat.

/bind DIVIDE "bind numpad4 petcomname MinionA agg$$bind numpad5 petcomname MinionA def$$bind numpad6 petcomname MinionA pass$$bind numpad7 petcomname MinionA att$$bind numpad8 petcomname MinionA fol$$bind numpad9 petcomname MinionA goto"


/bind MULTIPLE "bind numpad4 petcomname MinionB agg$$bind numpad5 petcomname MinionB def$$bind numpad6 petcomname MinionB pass$$bind numpad7 petcomname MinionB att$$bind numpad8 petcomname MinionB fol$$bind numpad9 petcomname MinionB goto"


/bind SUBTRACT "bind numpad4 petcomname MinionC agg$$bind numpad5 petcomname MinionC def$$bind numpad6 petcomname MinionC pass$$bind numpad7 petcomname MinionC att$$bind numpad8 petcomname MinionC fol$$bind numpad9 petcomname MinionC goto"


/bind ADD "bind numpad4 petcomname LieutenantA agg$$bind numpad5 petcomname LieutenantA def$$bind numpad6 petcomname LieutenantA pass$$bind numpad7 petcomname LieutenantA att$$bind numpad8 petcomname LieutenantA fol$$bind numpad9 petcomname LieutenantA goto"


/bind NUMPADENTER "bind numpad4 petcomname LieutenantB agg$$bind numpad5 petcomname LieutenantB def$$bind numpad6 petcomname LieutenantB pass$$bind numpad7 petcomname LieutenantB att$$bind numpad8 petcomname LieutenantB fol$$bind numpad9 petcomname LieutenantB goto"


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