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Share your Warshade costumes!

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Nice look TCUFROGS!


I actually got some inspiration in the end, but here are what I eventually went for. The concept is a Kheldian infused suit of armor rather than true symbiosis, so both the Nictus and the Human do still have their own personality. The far right is full medieval, the middle and the far left are DarkTech.


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Decided to go and stand out in the courtyard of the Steel Canyon University for these pics of my Warshade ... Ms Terry.


Note that the rockets (boots and backpack) "work" during Teleports via Shadow Step.  I also happen to think that the Rocket Boots make for a nice "muscular calf" silhouette, particularly with tights on the legs, when using the color scheme that I am here.  You should also have no problems recognizing the overall color palette and hairstyles for my Warshade. 😎


Formal Wear

This is a Wedding Tux worn over Witch Leather (chest and legs) and Rocket Boots.  There's even a Bow Tie (shoulders) to complete the look.

This is the go-to default costume for my Warshade, since it is elegant and classy while also being thematic and distinctive.  It also isn't (at first glance) obvious what costume pieces were used to make it, making it a bit of an interesting puzzle to work out when first seen.




Roman Valkyrie

This uses a mix of Imperial (chest and belt) with Roman elements (shoulders and chest detail) and a Bridal Mini-skirt, along with a Victory Laurel and Hellenic Sandals complete with gloves.  A High Mantle is used with a Long Valkyrie Cape, because when in Cimerora ... as a Warshade you're there as a chooser of the SLAIN ... I mean, after all, what else is your Stygian Circle power for (aside from devouring souls and using them as chew toys)?





Sexy Baron

This is the Occult Baron Jacket and Sleeves over Carnival of Light (chest and legs) with Rocket Boots.  Note the Bow Tie (shoulders) accent.

The thing I like most about this costume is that it would be downright embarrassing to be seen without the Baron Jacket, since the Carnival of Light pieces are REALLY skimpy on the material(!) ... but with the Baron Jacket on it becomes more of a "sexy tease" type of a costume, since it is possible to see flesh with it, but such glimpses are fleeting rather than being "in your face" (so to speak), heightening the overall allure of the costume.  It makes you wonder what would be revealed if she took that Jacket off ...




Mecha Warshade

This is all Mecha parts except for the Rocket Boots (which are "sleeker" than the Mecha Boots) and Helmet (which is a mix of Valkyrie, Samurai and Warrior parts) to complete the "armored" look.  In this case, I wanted to have a least ONE of my costumes be an "armored" type of look for those times when dealing with particularly hazardous/toxic/noxious environments would be called for.




Stylish Club Girl

This is a mix of Mini Vest Jacket over Carnival of Light (chest) with Circle of Thorns (belt) and Bridal Mini-skirt.  Small Shoulders, Fingerless Gloves and Strappy Shoes round out the ensemble.  This is essentially "casual wear" for my Warshade when she's taking "a night on the town" and enjoying herself.




Victory Toga

This is the Unique Top with a Butterfly Tassle (belt) and using a One Shoulder Mantle Long Cape.  Fingerless Gloves, a Victory Laurel and Hellenic Boots complete the set for this most classic of mediterranean fashion styles, emphasizing everything it should (and nothing it shouldn't!).  Also great for toga parties!



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I was striving for something very unique, unlike any hero I've seen thus far. I wanted an alien that would be the perfect nictus host. Slender off putting proportions from hard labor on a low gravity world. Long legs, slightly above average height, thin hips, waist, heavy chest and shoulders. What could be more off putting than a purple and black guy with a skull for a face? Looks really cool with the armors going:
Costume I: Punk Nictus:
Not much to say here about the costume. It is my go to punk jacket shoulder combo, studded belt, and work boots. The resistance pants was picked for the neutral pattern and glowy stripe. I was a punk when I started playing CoH and I guess I always will be. 

Costume II: Void Magnus:
Took a lot of inspiration from the CoT mages. I wanted spikey bits, harsh lines everywhere, and to invoke an evil sort of look. I really like the fireflies aura due to its delicate addition without overpowering the costume. After all, that's what Shadow Cloak is for. 

Costume the III: Armoured EVA:
I actually took inspiration for this costume from blayzemaster's post in this thread. I wanted to make some sort of space suit for this guy but couldn't really bring it together until I studied blayzemaster's costume. I kept the mystical CoT sort of shoulders and added armor bits as I saw fit. Given the more mystical feel to this character I thought the Elemental Order gloves were acceptable and the pointy ascension boots added some much needed spikey bits to the bottom.  I wanted to enhance my characters slender bottom and wider top so I opted for tights instead of armoured bottoms. I was torn between the Tech Knight and Clockwork chest pieces but I really liked the added bulk and Clockwork was unavailable with armored chest.
Head detail on the armour:

Costume the bonus: Void Corsair:
This was actually the first costume I made. I tried really hard to do a four color set. Originally I did not want purple clothing because I knew I would extrude enough purple. I have the Space Jolly Roger cape with a gold skull. I am not sure how much I like this one due to CoH's limited pallets and dye channels colors are not quite what I wanted but they will have to do. 

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Here's a few of my Warshade, Iscariot.    The primary costume is a tri-color scheme that I think works pretty well.    I also have a darker netherworld-themed costume that I sometimes use which relies on powers to maintain the effect so it's mainly for show, but it's fun.    



Isca 01.jpg



Isca 02.jpg

This one's the aforementioned netherworld concept, using Shadowy Presence.


Isca 03.jpg

Just a close-up of the first one.


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