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Fire in the Hole (Morality Mission) Spawn Glitch?


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The last two times I have done the Hero Morality Mission, "Fire in the Hole", the spawn position of the kidnapped NPCs has been a bit wonky.


I'm supposed to rescue the Company President, the Receptionist, and the Security Guard Captain, in that order. The second two don't spawn until the previous NPC has been rescued. This is usually fairly straightforward - I encounter each one in succession as I proceed through the mission map.


The last two times, however, have been a little weird.


I found and rescued the Company President fairly early, on the first floor of the map.


After completely clearing the first floor, I proceeded to the second floor via elevator, where I located and rescued the Receptionist.


Then this is where it's weird: the Security Guard Captain spawned back on the first floor in a previously-cleared room.


The first time this happened, I thought the mission had completely bugged out. After rescuing the Receptionist, I finished clearing the second floor without ever encountering the Security Guard Captain. Assuming I had simply missed him, I spent a ridiculous amount of time going around and around the second floor, looking into every single nook and cranny, trying to find the spot I must have missed. It was only in frustration that I went back down to the first floor, made my way back to the mission entrance, and re-explored the whole first floor, finally finding the Guard Captain in a room I had definitely already cleared.


The second time (just now), I remembered the first time, and after the Receptionist I just went back to the first floor and there he was, in that same room.

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