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It works.
/Traps does good AoE damage, great for a Controller.
Gravity does good ST damage, great for a Controller.

Between the two, you actually get solid single-target and AoE damage.

Gravity is weak on controlling in general, but the one great strength is has is AoE mob repositioning... which is like the wet dream of other Traps characters. Meanwhile, Traps isn't a strong debuffing set, but between Seeker Drones and Force Field Generator you really lower the mobs chances to hit, making it viable to limit damage from a spawn by spamming Crushing Field with FFG up and Seeker Drones having detonated. So it works defensively also.

It can solo AVs well because it covers Defense, Mez Protection, and -Regen as well as doing solid single-target damage.

One major problem is that its main strength is pre-battle setup and teleporting spawns in the Zone Of Doom(tm)... but teams at higher levels just roll through mobs, not needing to take the time to set up before engaging. And the Zone of Doom(tm) is not very mobile. So, it's a weak teaming Controller at high levels on most teams... but that's really true of most Controllers and Tanks, since teams at high levels rarely need the defensive support that they provide. So as long as this doesn't worry you, the combination is solid in every way.

If you're looking to get on large teams at level 50, you won't be contributing much... slow-activating single-target attacks are irrelevant, and AoE damage is done by preparing traps, which won't be useful on a rolling team.

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