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Veteran Level Rewards


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Currently, every 3rd Veteran level, you are awarded a new Badge and a handful of Empyrean merits.   This cuts off at level 99.


I can see cutting off the badges, since it's impossible to generate an infinite number of badge titles.   I can also see that it might be a bit OP to keep getting merits, especially

for farming characters.  (debatable)    What I don't agree with is cutting off rewards completely, it makes gaining new levels somewhat depressing, since they are meaningless.


Suggestion:  After level 99, add some kind of small reward every 3rd level, such as:  

an orange recipe,  an enhancement booster,  some kind of useful random temp power,  a few orange pieces of salvage, etc.

Doesn't have to be anything huge, just something to mark gaining those levels and make them feel a bit meaningful.



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