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Laptop that WORKS for CoH and HUGE Thank you to all the Computer-Speak people!!!

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I have found that laptops with AMD processors (not intel!) run CoH beautifully.  I have tested this with the AMD 9, without a GPU and on a laptop with AMD Ryzen 3 and an AMF Radeon GPU.  Both run the game clean, good graphics, no issues except what everyone posts as temp server issues.  I can't speak for any other systems... but I'm happy to have found this, so I thought I'd share.


(And yes, I just bought a new laptop specifically to play CoH.  I consider it my ticket home.)


HUGE thanks to everyone that tried to help me find just the right laptop to run the game and fit my budget.  It was a big ask, and you all came through with great advice.  Extra special thanks to @Tolrick who went _way_ out of his way to hunt through websites, talk to tech support personal, and virtually held my hand the whole way.  You're the absolute best!


If anyone else is looking for a new laptop, I hope this helps you out!!

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I'm guess it's because of the discrete graphics chip (only) as opposed to the iChips with APUs? The game came out before a lot of tech breakthroughs, so it's normal to have growing pains.

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