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Global Defense Union 2 Billion Inf Costume Contest!


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::::: The Global Defense Union 2,000,000,000 Inf Costume Contest :::::

August 4th, 5PM Eastern* - Statesman Plaza, Kallisti Wharf - Everlasting Shard

Special guest judge: @Brigg, creator of Hall of Fame AE arc #125

Theme: AE arc #125 Bloody Rainbow (Comic Con)

Entrants must (1) have an Earth-normal first name only. No last names or initials.
(2) Wear a costume that you might actually see at a real-life costume contest.

Helpful tips: Try to not be too obscure with your costume. The name of your
entry need not be related to the costume they wear.

First place walks away with 500,000,000 inf.

Remaining prizes, in units of millions and in descending order:
400 - 300 - 200 - 150 - 100 - 75 - 50 - 25 - 15
Honorable mentions to receive 10,000,000 each!
Plus: on-the-spot inf from GDU members for their personal favorites!

This contest is made possible by the generosity of the supergroups in
the Global Defense Union, a coalition of 18 supergroups and their affiliates.

Have any questions? Discord @Cheydrazaar  In-game global name Cheydrazaar

See you there!

*Judging begins at 5PM Eastern and is allotted a maximum of 45 minutes to select Finalists. Those who are not selected still have an opportunity to receive on-the-spot prizes from non-judge GDU members. Finalists are guaranteed at least 10,000,000 inf as Honorable Mentions and Top Ten. Once all winners are announced, we'll gather for screenshots.

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@Cheydrazaar This was indeed a lot of fun! It was a pleasure to be a part of.


Thank you to you and your group for putting this together. I got a lot of great ideas from this event that I've been slowly adding into the Comic Con Farm.


I also loved the way you guys did your judging. Great idea!

ArcID #125 Bloody Rainbow: Comic Con Fire Farm;  ArcID #2551 Comic Con Fire Farm: Cave Edition

ArcID #133 Comic Con S&L Farm;  ArcID #9911 Comic Con S&L Outdoor Edition

ArcID #2915 $Comic Con Fire Farm$ArcID #11612 $Comic Con Fire Farm Outdoor Map$

ArcID #16607 $Comic Con S&L Caves$ArcID #16610 $Comic Con S&L Outdoor$
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