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Impish Kat

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How have some members removed/restricted their email contact option? 

I've been trying to do that since day one without success.

I uncheck the box for allowing others to email me, but it does not stick.

I've also tried to set the "email message when PM'd" to "never", and it does not stick.

I even tried deleting the email address, but nooooooo, the setting genie did not like that!


Still, when I look at the members list, many members do not have the little email icon by their names.


How do you do it???

It's been driving me crazy! (-er)

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Pleas re-read my OP...


I uncheck the box for allowing others to email me, but it does not stick.


I KNOW where the box is, I have unchecked it.... IT DOES NOT STICK

Even after I put in my password, which is required at the bottom of the page, IT DOES NOT STICK

The notice comes up that my profile has been changed successfully, but the box is mysteriously checked again.... IT WILL NOT CHANGE


And the same thing happens with the setting in Personal Messaging for receiving emails when PMs are sent.  I set it to "never", but IT DOES NOT STICK.  Again, the notice comes up that it's been changed, but the box mysteriously reverts to "always".... IT WILL NOT CHANGE


Now, thanks to another helpful member, I have resolved the first setting by actually unchecking/rechecking the box (so the box was "changed" but checked), and the save actually unchecked the box.  Which is completely opposite of how it should work.


This solution did not work for the second setting... it's still stuck on "always" instead of "never".


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