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Powerset Concepts: Compilation (Assault)

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Assault is a powerset currently only available to Dominators that combines ranged and melee attacks. This thread is designed as a compilation of proposed Assault powersets. I will do my best to go through the entire forum to find all Assault powersets, however if I do miss one (or not describe one as you like) let me know.


Water Assault ( Porting Water Blast to assault with some melee. Not really flushed out.


Infernal Assault ( Whips and flaming swords.


Assault Rifle/Beam Rifle Assault ( Combining Assault/Beam Rifle attacks with melee attacks using the butt of the rifle.


Rifle Assault ( That rifle has two ends donchaknow...


Shotgun Assault ( Hanging out the passenger side of your best friends ride, trying to holler at me... I mean, shotgun-based attack set.


What's your power? Gun ( Another take on the Assault Rifle, a little more on the ranged end, and no using the butt...


Bio Assault ( Simply disgusting.


Street Assault ( Street Justice Melee combined with metal chain attacks.


Gun Fu ( Street Justice Melee combined with Dual Pistols.

Kinetic Assault ( Kinetic Melee with a dabble of range.


Rock Blast Assault ( An assault set from the Age of Aquarius. Unfortunately the Sandman has yet to Enter (no sleep?)...


Vampiric Assault ( A set you can really sink your teeth into.


Note: I will also be doing a compilation for other types of powersets, but am doing them one at a time to keep the sets manageable.


Note: FF2288 is the color I am using for assault.




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Added Vampiric Assault

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11 hours ago, malonkey1 said:

Assault Rifle seems to be a popular one. Even I suggested a version.

Sorry, for some reason I thought it was a variant for a ranged set... These compilation threads are tough to put together, but it is nice to have everything all in one place.

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Updated with Rock Blast Assault - although it's more of a ranged set with minor tweaks than a full on assault set.

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