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Would like pictures of Incarnate pets


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Title says it all.  


I made it to incarnate and I'm interested in a lore pet that fits my theme.  Its moderate tech that he's scrounged from defeated foes.  Other then that, he has no super powers, no magic.  Is there a pet out there for a guy without powers? 



COH Spotlore.jpg

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Note that you can turn off the "ghostly" appearance and just have them look like normal mobs.


But I'm thinking for your concept the best idea is Robotic Drones, which look just like the Targeting Drone in Devices.


(I have a Beam/Devices Blaster, and he uses the Robotic Drones as well as Mace Mastery.  He's a Vigilante, but I play it that he stole the mace from Arachnos in what he considers one of his largest triumphs as a crime-fighter)


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