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An Update from The Homecoming Team


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  • Homecoming Team

Hey folks,


We know things have been really quiet from us lately, and we wanted to provide an update on what we've been up to.


Homecoming and The Titan Network are working together and are in active negotiations with NCSoft in order to turn Homecoming into a legitimate operation, and we've been making significant strides in recent weeks. It's our intention to involve the entire community in this process when the time comes - which is not quite yet, but we'll certainly be shouting from the rooftops when it is - hopefully Soon™.


Please hang tight for the time being, and keep killing those Skuls.

EDIT: To be clear, Homecoming will remain completely free to play.


- The Homecoming Team

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dont get why everyones excited im more so worried if it goes either way...ncsoft could mess this all up like adding all the annoying adverts back into the game or shut this down again.... now if the negotiations go tits up...well...again i just said...but anyway i hope it goes well but im stilll worried either way good luck my dudes.

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I think we shall do what we have been doing, and keep playing, because there is really nothing else we can do.  I like the idea of being totally above-board, but I have to admit to being a little anxious about what form that takes knowing NCSoft's apathy towards the game.  I'll be watching, and waiting...hoping for the best possible scenario!

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12 minutes ago, TheAdjustor said:

This! So much this. My only point of difference is that I didn't believe in them from 2012 and repeatedly on the old forums I stated nothing would come of their project and 7 years time have proven me right. Back then they did nothing but blow smoke about size and scope of the project, the only reason I can think of them trying to get involved with this is their project is not in good shape and they are trying to glom onto anything they can

This!  I was a backer of the project and it still nothing. 



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  • Lead Game Master

Ah, hold on - City of Titans and Titan Network are two completely different entities. We are wholly unaffiliated with City of Titans and their success or lack thereof has no bearing on our efforts.

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22 minutes ago, Harris said:

If you guys do get permission to use the IP i wonder if that will open the door to hire some of the old devs back for more content. As long as you guys stay non profit it could work.

There is almost no chance this is going to become a non-profit at this point...If it succeeds, they'll either own (in part or in whole) the rights to the game or they will pay to license the game...either way, it's a for-profit business at that point...


That'll be the moment that things start changing...Subscriptions?  F2P Model? Microtransactions?  Who knows, but they will need a revenue stream to support themselves...

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Quick note of clarification: The Titan Network and Homecoming are working together. I think you guys are thinking of City of Titans, which is the successor project. The Titan Network isn't affiliated with City of Titans. We're the Paragon Wiki folks, they're the folks who are working on a new game. 😉


City of Titans is not involved in this effort.

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3 minutes ago, justicebeliever said:

Subscriptions?  F2P Model? Microtransactions?  Who knows, but they will need a revenue stream to support themselves...

I would not have a problem with a subscription model. Anything else, particularly a model similar to Star Trek Online or Champions Online would be something I'm not on board with.

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