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Incarnate Lore Pet Issues

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Hey there, while I was making my Lore Pet Guide List - I found a few things that made me go - okay hold on a minute!

1. Banished Pantheon Radial Superior Ally


The Defiler Support pet notes in its description that it does not have any offensive abilities. In reality - it has Enervating Storm - and is still immune to damage.

Image 1: Description shows it should have no offensive abilities - however its doing an ability called Enervating Storm.

 Image 2: Enervating Storm Information


2. Tempest Elemental Misname


In the Incarnate ability info it shows the name of the two pets as "Diviner and Storm Elemental" When in reality they are actually named Tempest Elemental and Storm Elemental. It is a most likely mix up from a nearby Incarnate set "Seer" which also features a 'Diviner' (So do the Talons of Vengeance). 

Image: Shows the two pets and their incorrect labeled information.


3. Antimatter Ray Text Issue

I did some research and for starters its labeled as a ST ability, when really its this weird cone/beam. Its difficult to test the dps, but it does do an incredible amount and the targets seem limitless as long as they are in between you and the death beam.


Image: Anti Matter Ray Info



4. Field Projector Tool tip


The numbers for the Shield Projector are off from the detailed info and the tool tip. I am adding two extra images from Willpower and Super Reflexes to show similar abilities. They seem to round down on most defensive numbers but even still - these are 1 and some off.

Image 1: Field Projector Misinformation 


Image 2: Super Reflexes for Comparison



Image 3: Willpower for Comparison



5. Twilight's Grasp Tool tip Error


It says it does two ticks of 238.81, when it only does 1


Image: Twilight's Grasp Detailed information



6. Knives of Vengeance Radial Superior Ally: Guardianship


Guardianship shows the Adrenaline Boost icon, and gives the Adrenaline Boost tooltip display when it actually exchanges the +Rech for +DMG


Image: Detailed info + Tool tip + Combat Attributes 


7. Knives of Vengeance Radial Superior Ally: Rallying Cry


The Dmg & To-hit are both mislabeled in between the Detailed info and the Tooltip display.


Image: Detailed info + Tool tip + Combat Attributes 


Edited by CR Miss

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Just gonna reply to a couple of these:



4. Field Projector Tool tip


This is because you're viewing it as a Controller, who likely have a lower modifier for ally defense buffs than the Lore Pets do (looks like the support pets might share theirs with Defenders). Divide the value you see by 0.75 and you'll see the actual value (or just change the AT to Defender).



5. Twilight's Grasp Tool tip Error


This is a very old bug, but it's because of the way the power works. Twilight Grasp summons a pet for 1 second at the caster's feet to cause the heal, which in 1 second would have time to fire twice, except that the heal is delayed to accomodate the animation, which makes sure it only happens once. It's difficult to make the power info box understand that, though.



7. Knives of Vengeance Radial Superior Ally: Rallying Cry


Like Field Projector, this is because you're viewing it as a Controller. If the support Lore Pets do share their mods with Defenders, then the tool tip and detailed info would match up if you switched the AT to Defender.

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That interesting, I didn't know that about the modifier, thank you! 

Contact me on Discord (Miss#1337) for a faster response!

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