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Sir Myshkin

Proc Monsters - Controller Edition

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11 hours ago, Sir Myshkin said:



I think I see where the issue lies. We are talking about different things. 

I'm talking about a ground up design centered around maximizing proc potential, whereas you are talking about squeezing in as many procs as are reasonable that don't require much build compromise. 


Each dam proc in an aoe immob adds an avg of 9 (8.95) damage per target. They are probably the best example for a controller of slotting procs or dam enhance being a wash. You prefer to whittle. I prefer to burst, even if randomly. A "proc monster" would slot procs, are generalist build would slot dam. Or you could do what I do below and get the most out of the power. 


A simple example is a power you want to put 5 procs in.

My method (nerve, ageless, +5 purple dam) gives the power

45% acc, 66% dam, 10% global rech (min) and 5 procs.

I can't find a more efficient path to maximizing said power. But i'm honestly asking for suggestions because procs are pretty fun and you keep telling me there is another way. 


It isn't until I use 3 or less procs that other avenues start to outshine the method I'm employing (imo). But to me that isn't really a proc monster, but rather a build that uses procs.


Clarion is fantastic, but it doesn't benefit procs and controllers specifically have access to many other mez protection powers . Intuition is fantastic, but it doesn't benefit proc slotting as efficiently as nerve. Both clarion and intuition may result in a very well rounded build, but the topic you started is about proc monsters...


A build that focuses on procs as a priority usually gives up most 4-6 slot set bonuses. Those are most of the global rech bonuses. So the 20% global rech that ageless offers over its life is of pretty high value outside of a few builds that can really leverage forcefeedback (ie storm, which prob wants ageless anyway) to get powers like: hasten, fade, AM, overgrowth, etc etc. back up and closer to perma. 


Still an interesting thread and i continue to seek performance gains and efficiencies :)

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On 8/18/2019 at 1:38 PM, Frosticus said:

I'm now trying  out nerve alpha because it seems silly to waste slots on acc enhancements when you could put more procs into a power. Between nerve and set bonuses you shouldn't need acc slotting. Also boosts defense a bit saving more slots in the build for proc potential. 

Not on my controllers, but on my corruptors I actually started using Vigor for the +heal/acc/endred. Admittedly the +heal is useless on some powers, but almost everything slots endred or accuracy and I find myself not having to slot much on the powers I proc (except some damage). So I've used that in a similar manner as what you're describing here, and I'm liking it.

I'm considering redoing my Plant/Dark with it, but it's tough. I need the extra +recharge in some of the dark powers, and not so much in the plant powers I want to put procs in. Decisions decisions..

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