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Crashes on attempted launch on Mac OS 10.14.6

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I'm using a 2016 15" MacBook Pro.  I got Island Rum to download CoH successfully (it doesn't handle paths with spaces in the name well, evidently, but I did get it to work by using a different path with no spaces, which I continue to use) but now when I try to start City, I get the blue LOADING... in the center of the screen, and then I get a full screen version of it in some incredibly gross resolution, like 640x480 or something, and it just hangs.  Command+Tabbing out I get to a Wine error screen saying


Show Details revealed it to be an illegal instruction exception with a fairly consistent offset; always at 0x93819b18 for me.  I did run it through TestRun through the Wineskin app bundled, and got the following logs, which are attached.  I've tried both with `-fullscreen 0` and without at the suggestion of a friend, and am pretty much at my wits end.  Backtrace.txt is the Wine backtrace.

LastRunWine.log LastRunX11.log backtrace.txt

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Clarify that I'm not currently using paths with spaces.
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Not sure if this is your issue, but they are having a thing happen and they are working on it.


8 hours ago, Manga said:

Island Rum didn't change at all, the beta is a completely separate version.  I had trouble launching CoH too, it's just being blocked from launching even manually.  I'm reasonably sure some part of wine 1.6.5 (part of the Wineskin package) has been blocked as malware by xprotect.  I'm going to work on this problem over the weekend and see what I can do.

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Everyone is.  It's built into macOS.


I can't really search the xprotect database, but it's all that's left after a process of elimination.   The Wine version built into Wineskin (1.6.5 I think) won't launch CoH anymore, not even on the command line.  I haven't change the non-beta of Island Rum since 2018; Wineskin hasn't been updated since 2016; there have been no visible macOS updates in the last 48 hours; and the manifests haven't been changed (I checked).  


All that's left is either an alternate version of Wine outside of Wineskin interfering (which could be possible on MY computer, but others who don't even have an alternate Wine installed are having the same issue) or the Wine in Wineskin is being blocked somehow, and the only thing capable of doing that is xprotect.

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Just to add a data point, I was just now able to launch the 32-bit game client from Island Rum on OSX v10.13.6 using my 2011 iMac ... so at least that end of things appears to still be functional after the update to Island Rum that added the 64-bit beta options that weren't there last week.


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