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Base fixes and atleast one optimization from live isn't on homecoming


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Enhancement tables randomly re-organize as your take enhancements. 


So if you're planning to take a few um... let's say level 50 healing ios out of a storage table; you can take one, sometimes a few before suddenly that stack has moved down the list. So you gotta scroll down to find them again and then uh oh.... now its back at the top. Annoying bug that was fixed during live.


The white flash of lag:


This happens when you take items from storage, add items to storage, place decorative items, turn them or move them. Everyone item in the base flashes causing severe lag for you and everyone currently in the base. This was fixed on live because I remember bitching about it for quite sometime before they fixed it. It's especially troublesome now as my base is getting large and I now have to wait nearly 2 seconds for each item I place, remove or flip in my base.


If I had to guess this is a list or something in the database doing an update every you alter something and I don't know what paragon did to fix this but if it were me I'd say to make base editing clientside while in the editor and once your exit it then applies all the changes as a temporary fix. For now I think im going to give up editing my base.... I'm only at 482 items and I need to build some pretty large walls and that's going to take forever at 2 seconds.


A future request on anchor points:

I really like this feature but having to set my anchor point every time I place an item is annoying. Please add a toggle to keep it set instead of reverting to default per item.

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