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Basebuilding - Secret Entrance Inverted

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So something seriously wacky has occurred.  Somehow, the bounding box on my Secret Entrance has... inverted.  I draw your attention to Exhibit A, a screencap of the portal in question.


And for reference, I draw your attention to two other portals for two different groups, B and C.




As you can see clearly, the portal on the top has somehow magicked itself to the top of its bounding box, which causes all sorts of accessibility issues.  They aren't insurmountable, but they're a PITA.  For the moment, until I can figure out a way to remedy this situation, I've isolated my entry portal into its own little room with an intra-base portal leading to the *actual* main entrance.  To date, I've tried moving the Secret Entrance to different rooms, playing with different floor and ceiling options, sinking or raising it above the ground, all to no avail.  The portal just seems stubbornly stuck to the top of its bounding box when it should be on the bottom, as with the other two pictured portals.


So, ya know.  Any ideas on how to resolve this would be great!  Thanks.

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