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I'm finishing up an RP base to share with everyone. A strip mall, located near the King's Row exit in Skyway. The strip mall includes a dollar store, furniture store and tattoo parlor. I hope to eventually include a donut shop and a couple other stores. Across the street is a bank and a fully-accessible theatre; the kind with a stage, backstage, lighting grid, etc. and thought I'd post a sneak preview from the dressing room.



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Welcome to Red Tiger Plaza! ( BKI-17071 )

An unassuming strip mall located near the King's Row exit in Skyway. We have several amenities for residents who aren't able to travel outside of Skyway...




Located across from the Paragon Playhouse, Skyway's most popular stage theatre.




The main draw to Red Tiger Plaza is Sleep Shower & Surplus.




Inside you will find a pleasing variety of furniture, wall decorations, and home furnishings to outfit your home.




Their skylight gives it an almost outdoor-market feeling.




In addition to Sleep Shower & Surplus, visitors can visit the Dollar Savr for more immediate needs, with a convenient ATM next door.







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Next door is Bad Kitty Ink.




Choose from several catalogs of amazing designs, or work with one of their four professional artists to "Tell Your Own Story".




Bad Kitty Ink features several inking stations which are always kept clean and meet the highest sanitation levels.




If your tattoo is of a more intimate nature, they have curtains.




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After a day of shopping, take in a performance at the Paragon Playhouse!




Enjoy concessions in the lobby before the play begins.




The Playhouse seats 90 and is accessible.




If you have talent, audition for a role.




Or if you are more technically inclined, volunteer to work as part of the crew.








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Posted (edited)

New SG Base I built last week. H.E.A.V.E.N.'s - Exodus, the largest all Kheldian Super Group on Excelsior. Base Code: EXODUS-12201








Craft Center:







Portal Room:






Bank Vault:




Club 602:





Icon Uniform:








Main Hall:








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Updated Pictures and added Base Code.
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I would like to share some of my bases with you.

Server               Base Code                                Description

Indom               LASERRANGERS-7198             Super heroes come the rescue of an old roman town as they are assulted by Arachnos Forces.  Fectures include various movement                 

                                                                         challenges and mazes

Torc                  USSMERIGOLD-11376             Work in Progress, a full space ship featuring a few challenges (Current Vertical Maze, And a climbing (Jumping Wall) Input welcome

Excel                 ASCENDONE-17431                Heroes become ascended gods in this floating temple and fullying functional base

Reunion            INFINITYTOWER-6351            An infinity tower from top to bottom of base,  An artistic project


I am happy to help please with base building and if you want me to do your whole base I can be hired with INF.         

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On 5/24/2021 at 10:36 PM, stealthnight said:

New SG Base I built last week. H.E.A.V.E.N.'s - Exodus, the largest all Kheldian Super Group on Excelsior. Base Code: EXODUS-12201






Love the roof's Googie architecture.

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Starship Valkyrie has made the voyage from Reunion to Excelsior. Come visit at VV-17523.


Set /visscale 10 for full effect.


Aleph Deck - Bridge with teleports, workshops, storage, etc.

Beth Deck - Armory and Gunnery Range, Hospital, Forward Observation Deck and Lounge, Ready Room, Mess Hall, Captain's Quarters, Crew Quarters with Gym, Showers, Locker Room and Bunks.

Kaph Deck - Fighter and Drone Bay with Launch Deck operations.

Lambda Deck - Beach Club with Swimming Pool, Bar, Dance Floor, Park, Mini Circus and Fairground Games.

Lambda Basement - Bowling Alley, Movie Theatre and Pool Table room.


For quick access to swimming pool take vertical dropshaft between decks.








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