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Adjusting patron pet duration/recharge


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I never understood the rational for the patron pet duration + recharge numbers.  I get that patron/epic pools are supposed to be "less" than a primary power, but there are other ways to do that - and none of them are powerful enough to make much of a difference at all to late game players, what's the harm in letting them be permanent without obscene levels of recharge?

Is this something that could be looked at adjusting in the future?  Making them last until death like most other pets would be ideal (then the long recharge is OK), but even just as far as making them permanent with 2 rech IOs (360-400s recharge, unstackable - new summons override) would go a long way to making them more usable.  Pushing the end cost up to 40-50 would be an acceptable trade off to me (and encourage end red slotting).



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