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Come to Justice/Excelsior Discord Server! We're literally giving away really cool shit!

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We over at Justice/Excelsior Discord server are holding a little contest to see who can create the very best Discord server icon! At the same time, we're also trying to grow our little community. We're still kinda small at this point, but we're very active with members on at all hours of the day, regular Hami raids almost every night and loads of impromptu Task Forces and mission teams!


Here's how to enter;


1. Click this link to join the Justice/Excelsior Discord Server - https://discord.gg/8FmTPyc

2. Submit your entry to FoxFyre Phoenix, Rave and Profit


That's it! What are the rules? Simple enough, you must be a member of the server, the icon must be;


Must be compatible with 512x512 format to fit, obviously.

Must be Hero themed

And optionally, what does Excelsior mean to you? Either the word itself or perhaps what the community means.


And the prizes, my dudes... the prizes are worth the entry alone. Are you ready to learn what you win?



1 Free PL from 1-50 courtesy of yours truly, Foxfyre Phoenix!

An ENTIRE COLLECTION of Winter O's! All 6 sets!

1 Full Set of ATO's for the AT of the winners choice.

Various rare procs from multiple sets including:

Gladiators Armor: Teleport Protection/+DEF (All)

5 Luck of the Gambler: Global Recharge

Miracle +Recovery

Numina's +Regen +Recovery

Panacea +Hit Points/Endurance

Performance Shifter: Chance for +Endurance

Preventive Medicine: Absorb Proc

Reactive Defenses: Scaling Damage Resistance

Regenerative Tissue: +Regeneration

Shield Wall: Teleportation Protection/+Res (All)

Steadfast Protection: +Def (All) Unbreakable Guard: +Max HP


AND! ... Wait for it... 1(one) personal favour from me, The Legendary Living Hellfire! I know, right?!


All entries shall be in by 23:59 EST on August 31st 2019.


Come on by and say hi, folks!




-The Legendary Living Hellfire



-The Legendary Living Hellfire

"The newest person in the room is always the most important person in the room"

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14 minutes ago, Apparition said:

Justice was okie I suppose, but neither the Stoned Templars SG nor Renaissance de la Veritas SG were on it, so it couldn't have been the best. ;)

im gonna have to agree with this. 

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Amy !!! 

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This is not the City of Heroes that you remember ,  it is a new game built on what we were forced to leave behind.  Change is going to happen , because Homecoming is not your personal museum to hold your nostalgic torch too.   It has active development and will continue to evolve just like the City of Heroes we knew was changing and evolving and was about to change in massive ways.  


Forum Post count does not = Game Intelligence or Knowledge  it just shows how often people like to talk.

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