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Cosmetic Suggestions


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Don't see any dedicated thread for cosmetic changes, so here are a few I'd like to see implemented:


Costume Pieces

1.   Bucket Helmet - just take the fish tank helmet ( with the brain and eyes ),  and apply a solid texture to replace the transparency.  

Then cut out a strip in the front for the eyes.

Example:   The Human Bomb from DC comics.

2.   Leafy/Swirly textured torso/legs/glove/boots ( where they wrap all the way around the piece )

Example:  Poison Ivy from DC comics

3.  Dr. Fate helmet

4.  Juggernaut helmet

5.  5 oclock shadow beard

6.  Necklace with Amulet



1.  Repeating Flame pattern  ( Human Torch )

2.  Alternate Repeating Flame pattern where part of the pattern glows.

3.  Repeating Star Pattern  ( star spangled kid )

4.  Ice ( where the armor piece actually looks like semi transparent ice )



1.  Intense Flame - similar to the plasma flame we already have, but much more intense - obscures more of the character

2.  Sand Storm - swirling sand,  needed for my upcoming Wind Controller :)



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"Fix" Rock Armor from Stone so it no longer sits straight across your back / shoulders if it's the only armor you're currently running (at least on my toon - I think if he was larger it's no longer an issue?) - it's really distracting because it doesn't look natural at all.


The pictures are of Rock Armor, and Rock Armor + Brimstone.


For my money the combo of Rock and Brimstone Armor by far look the most natural, Rock Armor can be quite jarring due to the way it sits across the back - maybe just remove a small portion from the middle of the back / spine area?








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2 hours ago, DrkLrdK said:

I'd also suggest a 'Star Field Pattern'  i.e. Star Boy or the inside of Quasar's cape.

I was just thinking of this the other day (I have a character over on DCUO who has it for their "skin"), and regret I have but one "Like" to give.

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