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Powers not recharging

Burnt Toast

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Exited a mission and some of my powers will not recharge. I have logged..logged...switched characters...used other powers...logged..and logged again...


Nothing will make them recharge:

Heal Aura


Regen Aura

Recovery Aura



So we found out the only way to fix this is to go see a trainer.. switch builds.. and then switch back.


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Was coming to report this same bug.  Happened on my Kheldan, and not with all powers.  Some from my primary, plus sands of mu and another veteran power.  Hadn’t figured out the workaround, so thanks for the tip.



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Looks like it's feature not a bug. Who wants to have a healer that actually heals.

Yeah, the initial description in your other post made it sound like it just had a very long recharge time. This definitely sounds like a bug. I rescind my previous reply and apologize.


Excelsior Server | The Nightwatch


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Happened to me in the Bertha mission on Synapse.  Taunt, Shadow Maul, and Siphon Life refused to recharge in the mission or outside it.  Exemped down to 20, that's 3/5ths of my attack chain.  I did manage to break out of it by switching to a second build. 


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