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NPC Exclusive Costume and Hair Items

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On 8/27/2019 at 3:59 PM, daveyfiacre said:

you can see then in Icon by a simple "-n" addition in one of the file locations

What do you mean by adding an -n in the file locations? Do we change the file names?


Edit: never mind there are enough images in page 2 to show how it is done.




Just a curious ping to the Devs, is this something that is as easily done as it seems?



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On 9/18/2019 at 10:23 AM, daveyfiacre said:

rant: well, see windcontrol *is* still possible for homecoming. the powerset is already complete and just needs fx to be made more appropriate. and there are plenty of existing assets that can be swapped out, in the same way other sets were completed, i.e. sentinel sets that differ, and some of the radiation sets. [see here: ] oddly, coxg released their wind control right after i suggested this. i doubt there is a direct correlation but it's super coincidental lol.


and lots of those npc costumes parts, as you mentioned, from the -n tailor work just fine within the homecoming parameters. including the lamashtu skull bra parts, and the banshee dress, and the cimeroran sandals, and the AE skin, etc. those can be unlocked with the un-tagging just fine. 


its only the parts on those other servers that theyve created themselves by taking and dividing up NPC's that were whole baked, like freaks and ppd. those parts we wont get, but the other things we still could... if the devs of homecoming cared to unlock it. but yeah homecoming is starting to lag behind 😮

Do you happen to know how to get the "-n" thing to work on Mac??

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I'm definitely interested in long skirts. I db hacked one in Paragon Chat and I miss it terribly. 🙂

This part was a Talons skirt with a mask for the ragged hem which I used sometimes and other times left off for a straight edge.



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On 8/30/2019 at 5:04 PM, Oubliette_Red said:

I'll likely be a minority here but when it comes to signature heroes and villains, I'm okay with them having exclusive costume pieces that players do not have access to.

What if you beat them up and take their clothes? =P

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I agree that this would be potentially a great thing for both the standard players who just love their costumes and the Role Players at large. However, the big issue that comes into play is that there is work that would need to be done on some of the parts. I haven't found them all, but there are some issues with a few of them. PPD chestpieces from Praetoria tend to clip into the male chest no matter what you do, the Praetoria TEST gloves (large gauntlets for PPD) tend to have skinning problems on some top types (Tights, Baggy, Sleeveless robes, sleeveless jackets, armored, Unique tops) and Imperial Defense (Called either that or just 'IDF') tends to have issues being on the same area that PPD can inhabit (Trench coats, jackets) but work fine everywhere else.


Doable? Yeah, but I would think it would be a massive pain on them to implement and troubleshoot them all to see what needs to be tweaked and the like.

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