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Sentinel Roll the dice (re-work suggestion)


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So Sentinel was SCORE's attempt at adding a new class/powersets to the game and the idea of a random RNG debuff/buff is cool but in actual gameplay is well meh... things die to fast for it to proc making it a subpar blaster.


My suggestion is to change the debuff/buff skill have it so proc's on the first hit and make it so you cannot proc again for another 25 seconds on the same target that is already effected to stop this power being OP just make it like a dice roll add a bunch of debuffs/buffs and mix in some bad rolls that make it so the NPC cannot be effected by the dice roll skill for 40 seconds.


Example of Roll the dice 1 of the following can happen every 25 seconds on the same target (debuff lasts 10 seconds): -def, -res, -regen, bad roll immunity, -acc, -dmg, bad roll immunity


I think a change like this to the opportunity power would make Sentinel's more viable in all gameplay.

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