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2 hours ago, Leandro said:
  • Pool > Sorcery > Enflame: Should now do damage for Sentinels
  • Sentinel > Ice Blast > Chilling_Ray: Should now accept Slow enhancements.
  • Sentinel > Regeneration > Dismiss Pain: Increased amount of MaxHP granted to 24% from 6%, should had not been that low to begin with.
  • Beam Rifle > Disintegration: Should [hopefully] never linger after the target dies.
  • All versions of Beam Rifle's Penetrating Ray now has a 55% chance of spreading disintegration.
  • All versions of Beam Rifle's Lancer Shot now has a 100% chance of spreading disintegration.

WOOOOO!!! 😄 

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I'm really happy about the Disintegrate spread thing. Looking forward to seeing how that works in play.


Also, Barracuda and the Kheldians now know we exist:

  • Sentinels will now receive the Power of Scirocco clickie in the Barracuda SF.
  • Kheldians > Inherent: Should now see Sentinels the same way they see Blasters and Scrappers, for the purpose of their inherent powers.


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